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Red Shoe Film

  1. Producer

  2. D.P.

  3. Camera Operator

  4. Short Form Films

  5. Concept Films

  6. Music Video

  7. Documentaries

  8. Corporate

  9. Non-Profit

  10. Interviews

  11. Food Prep

  12. Video Production

  13. DSLR Filmmaking

Creative Collaboration


Creative Practice

We don’t make videos.  We create films. 

Moving Pictures, Motion Stills, Reel Life.

We got into the video production and post-production biz a bit later in life than most, but it seems to be working out.  In the past five years Red Shoe Film has worked with hundreds of clients big and small.  From Habitat for Humanity and The United Way to The Get InTouch Foundation and The Aspetuck Land Trust.  From GE and MasterCard and Legg Mason to Good Directions and Westport Resources.  From St. Joseph High School to St. Joseph’s College.  Non-Profit, Documentary, Corporate, Green Screen, etc. We’ve done it all.

Who knew DSLR’s would be the next big thing?  And now large sensor video cameras like the C300 and C100.  We own them and we are ready to create.  Need a camera op for the day?  No problem.  Full writing to producing to shooting to editing and finishing?  No problem. 

We love all things film and video.  We’d do it for free if we could.  (You know we can’t, right?)  But we’re are pretty confident that if you spend your money with us, we’ll make something great together, and you’ll have some fun along the way.  Take a look and give us a shout.

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