Brian Russell grew up in Connecticut. He is a Director and Director of Photography who knows he should focus, but loves all kinds of production. He also likes to write, and is happy to help you out with this too, especially if you don’t know where to start.

He accidentally started shooting and editing video a while back, and realized he could have fun while working for a living! He has shot over 2,000 interviews, and has hundred’s of credits to his name, ranging from an ESPN 30 for 30, to celebrities like Arianna Huffington, Ed Burns and the entire cast of Saturday Night Live. Let this not frighten you off though... he still loves it all.

Whether non-profit fundraising, or teaching online students how to cook, or making corporate America — both big and small — look their best, Brian has the experience to make you look and sound great. Projects big and small, his only requirement is that you can all have some fun together and make something that helps you out. With flexible crews, and unlimited desire to solve problems, Red Shoe Film would love to have a chat about your production needs.  

Experience. Team. Collaboration. Vision. Take a look at some of the work and see what you think. Maybe there is a fit!

Services include

  • Producer

  • Director of Photography

  • Camera Operator

  • Director

  • Writer